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Sustainability education for you and your suppliers

We believe education is fundamental to humanity reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Reaching net zero requires everyone to be engaging and aligned with the facts and science.
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Climate literacy training that inspires

Anyone with access to Climate Zero’s software can take our self-paced online course.

Our ‘Climate Literacy Training’ has been developed to support organisations to embark on their journey towards achieving net zero emissions. It’s micro-learning, interactive and full of multimedia to keep you engaged. Perfect to bring your employees and your suppliers on the journey with you.

What you will learn

Six modules, ten quizzes, four webinars, four hours to complete


Did you know?

148 countries have set net zero emission targets

(Net Zero Tracker, 2024)


Hear from world leading experts

Designed with a team of Australian climate leaders, each module includes interviews full of wisdom and empowerment. Know that our team are working alongside prominent figures in the sustainability movement.

Anna Skarbek

Anna Skarbek

CEO - Climateworks Centre

Amanda Mckenzie

Amanda McKenzie

Founder and CEO - Climate Council

Darrel Wade

Darrell Wade

Co-Founder & Chair - Intrepid Travel



Student Climate Advocate

Jason Mifsud

Jason Mifsud

Founder - Mifsud Consulting

Marike Knight

Marike Knight

Founder - Cool Karma Collected

Hayley Morris with pink jacket

Hayley Morris

Founder - Climate Zero & Morris Group Foundation

A net zero future is inevitable,

it's time to take action.

A net zero future is inevitable,

it's time to take action

Frequently asked questions

Created for everyone, regardless of your experience with sustainability or carbon accounting.

We have designed this course to have relevance to all employees in a business who want to understand the actions they can take as individuals and collectively as an organisation to achieve net zero. We typically find these are communicators, operations managers and their teams, anyone making procurement decisions. The training can also help finance and accounting teams who will be fundamental to emissions reporting.

Our training breaks down complex concepts in sustainability literature into bite-sized modules. Emissions measurement and reduction can become complicated, this course will give you the tools you need to start and stay motivated to achieve change.

Absolutely! We know that emissions measurement and understanding emission factors is not broken down into detail in many sustainability courses. We believe you will leave this course with new knowledge. We know that system change at a micro or macro level can’t happen without collective action. Therefore we recommend you do the training with a team of enthusiastic stakeholders. Use this course to bring them together on the journey with you.

We interviewed some of Australia’s climate leaders and their insights helped us to curate the topics in the course. Our team spent months researching and writing the course in a way that made sense for our clients. Our sustainability experts from our sister business Rewild Agency helped shaped the modules based on their insight from working with businesses who have taken the step towards developing their ESG frameworks.

Build the right team
to set you up for the future.

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